Casualties of War – Sami Goes to WWII – 0.1

Series: Casualties of War
Story: Sami Goes to WWII
Chapter 0.1: Characters

“The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.”
Leo Tolstoy

Sami-Ullah Khan – Sami is an under-educated but confident young man determined to prove his worth and start an independent life. Sami tutors his younger brother Wasi and his cousins in a makeshift class to help them study.

Wasi Ullah Khan – Wasi is Sami’s younger brother, currently studying in tenth grade. He is supported by his brother to pursue education. Sami wants Wasi to succeed in his life by getting high education and a job. Sami is eighteen months older than Wasi.

Raziya Begum – Sami and Wasi’s Mother and a Widower of late Qasif Ullah Khan. She is the eldest in the family. All family members usually seek her approval and advise in their daily affairs.

Abid Khan (Abid Sahib) – Uncle of Sami and Wasi, Brother of late Qasif Ullah Khan. Currently looking after the properties inherited by his father, Abid sahib is responsible for bearing all expenses of the family. He is the leader of the family.

Shamima Bibi – Wife of Abid Sahib.

Nayyara – Nayyara is Abid Sahib’s elder daughter and Sami’s fiancé. She is also a student at the tenth grade and goes to the same school as Wasi. She and Wasi are of the same age as well.

Furqan and Gibran – Abid Sahib’s younger twin sons and are studying in fifth grades. They go to the same school as Nayyara and Wasi.

Fatika – Abid Sahib’s youngest daugther and are studying in fourth grade. Fatika is mute by birth and goes to the same school as her other siblings.

Qasif Ullah Khan – Deceased father of Sami and Wasi and elder brother of Abid. Qasif and Abid shared their father’s inheritance. After Qasif’s death, Abid took upon himself the responsibility of running the house and treats Qasif’s children as his own.


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