Pleasentries on Pakistani Wall Street

Litter on Hasrat Mohani Road

Litter on Hasrat Mohani Road. “Cleanliness is half of Faith”. There goes our first half.

I pass this street countless times during the working days a week. The view is a busy street just on the back side of I.I. Chudrigar road, which is also one Pakistan‘s busiest roads. The street in the picture above, is so busy at lunch hours that you cannot find a path to walk on and maneuver around. This is where most of the people come to eat. Looking at the view above, its enough to make you puke and lose your appetite for a week! People would argue that it’s the job of Government to look after the trash. Sure, they clean up a few times during the week, but the pile just keeps coming back. There is no permanent solution to this problem as of yet. Although this is a serious issue on which the authorities have turned a blind eye on, but that does not relieve the public from its civic duties.

Lets just put aside the faith aspect of cleanliness for a while. It’s not un-known to the world about the harms that can a pile garbage like that can cause. Some are the obvious reasons, its Garbage after all. It can cause so many damning effects on the environment like general pollution and the greenhouse effect. Who gave us the right to throw around our trash wherever we like?. I mean governance or no governance, will we all become thieves of the society if given an opportunity?

The picture above is from a place where the few of the countries richest people come to work daily. How hard is it to spend some money jointly and sort the garbage problem permanently. Why can’t we all just carry a bin bag or something with us during our daily commutes and vow to use that for our petty trashes that we keep throwing around. Simply because nobody cares.

I feel sick. #OccupyIIChundrigarRoad


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